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About Dr. Joline’s Clinic

Dr.Joline’s clinic is a place where people like you discover how they can become the healthiest version of themselves. Our patients have amazed themselves and those around them by making simple, naturalistic changes to their lifestyle.
The clinic was set-up in the year 2016, but my interest in the power of nature to cure health issues began when I was much younger. Even as a young teenager I was amazed at how particular food could trigger specific responses in my body. In my quest to understand natural healing of the body I have completed my Bachelor’s in Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery (Goa), Diploma in Nutrition & Health (Ahmedabad), Post Graduation in Hospital & Healthcare Management (Symbiosis, Pune), Post Graduation in Medicolegal Systems (Symbiosis, Pune), and Clinical Nutrition Therapy ( Stroud, London).
My treatments give you one on one attention. I help my clients understand their unique body types. Post that, we work together to achieve their goals to lose weight, to improve cholesterol, or to balance their hormones. No one diet fits all. I simplify the diet for my clients. I believe in adding more local rather than exotic fruits and vegetables to my client’s diet.
I treat patients with disorders like diabetes, hormonal imbalance, obesity, arthritis, cardiometabolic disorders, low immunity, gender-specific health issues, PCOD, infertility, thyroid-related disorders, gastric disorders, stress management among others.

Our Services

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Diet and Nutrition Consultation

Generic diets are a fad. But do they really help?

I work with my clients to help them develop a thorough understanding of their bodies and their needs. Our bodies are unique blueprints. Hence no one diet fits all. Once we build this awareness I work with my clients to develop a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

I offer consultation to those looking for:

Homeopathic Treatment

Using the holistic and scientific practices of Homeopathy we treat a wide range of health ailments like:

Fatigue, Eczema/Psoriasis, Thyroid Problems, Autoimmune disorders,

Candida overgrowth, Constipation, Insomnia, Acne, High Blood Pressure, Digestive Problems, Liver Problems, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, PCOS, IBS,

Prostate Problems, Children’s Health Issues, Sinus Problems, Fatty Liver, Gas & Bloating, Allergies, Asthma, Headaches, Diabetes, Hives, ADHD, Concentration Difficulties, Depression, Detoxification, Weight Issues

Rosacea, PMS, Infertility, High Cholesterol, Anxiety, and others

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Naturopathic Treatment​

We focus on comprehensive treatment for each of our clients. We personalize our treatments by understanding the individual’s body, health concerns, and personal medical history.

We focus on delving into the root cause of any health issue and treating the same. We use a combination of time testing natural healing therapies to treat all your medical concerns.


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